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1 Installation of Jindent

Generally Jindent is shipped with a native installer. Therefore you have to download the Jindent package which is suitable for your operating system.

Jindent is available as:

Since Jindent is written in pure Java it needs at Java Runtime Environment 1.4.2 or later for a proper execution.
For that reason the most packages are available with a bundled JRE which will be installed together with Jindent.

If at least the Java Runtime Environment 1.4.2 is already installed on your operating system then you can download the package without any bundled JDK.


1.1 Installation with Installer

The following steps describe how to use Jindent's installer.
  1. First download the correct package for your operating system.
    Depending on your operating system you can start the installer by clicking on its icon or alternatively by invoking the installer from your console:

    Just type:

  2. After invoking the installer a screen pops up which guides you through all installation steps.

    Jindent's installation screen
    Jindent's installation screen

  3. Click the 'next' button to get to the license agreement screen.
    Please read this license agreement carefully. If you agree then mark 'I accept the agreement' and click 'next'.

  4. Choose the destination directory for the Jindent installation and click 'next' again.

    Select Jindent's destination directory
    Select Jindent's destination directory

  5. Select the Jindent components you would like to install into Jindent's installation directory and click 'next'.

    Select Jindent's installation components
    Select Jindent's installation components

  6. On this screen you can control the installation of Jindent's IDE plugins.
    If you do not want to install a Jindent plugin into any IDE then just click the 'next' button again to skip this screen.
    If you would like to install an IDE plugin though then uncheck the checkbox. Select the IDE for which you would like to install a Jindent plugin. Click on its corresponding 'Select home dir' button to point the installer to the IDE's home directory. Please note: Do not select the plugin directory of the IDE, just select the IDE home directory. The installer will find the corresponding plugin subdirectories by itself!
    After telling the installer all IDE locations click 'next' to go the next screen.

    Select a Jindent plugin
    Select a Jindent plugin

  7. Depending on your operating system you can now select a location to place Jindent's shortcuts.
    After making your selections click 'next'.

  8. Now all components and plugins will be installed automatically.
    Finally click button 'finish' and Jindent is installed.