Jindent 4.2.2 released

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C/C++ Formatter:
New features:
  • Added support for alignment of parameter declarations which are always wrapped to a new line.
  • Added exception rule to suppress insertion of blank lines for comments appearing in the first line of source code. That way 3rd party tools using these special first line comments won't be confused by extra blank line insertions anymore.
  • Added grammar support for struct and union inside function declarations.
  • Fixed grammar issue for function definitions within parameters: void myFunction( int (*f)(const char * pArg) ) { ... }
  • Fixed grammar issue for declaration specifiers in type definitions like: typedef unsigned __int64 myUint64_t;
  • Fixed grammar issue for macro definitions appearing in class specifiers.
  • Fixed grammar issue for hexadecimal escaping in characters, for instance: char ch = '\x0C'.
  • Fixed grammar issue for recognition of local variables.
  • Fixed extra blank line insertion bug for keyword LOCAL.

Jindent Customizer:
  • Fixed support for Java 7:
    • ClassCastException was thrown under Java 7 Runtime Environment. This is fixed.
    • Preview of line wrapping features were messed up. This is fixed too.