Why need code formatters?

Jindent the source code formatter for Java/C/C++ is a great support in multiple areas of software development:

Save time and money

Readable source code is essential for every software project Well-documented and readable source code is essential for every collaborative software project.

Studies of software maintainers have shown that approximately 50% of their time is spent in the process of understanding the code that they are to maintain.*

Well-structured and logical formatted source code speeds up bug hunting and feature enhancements highly.

Jindent automatically formats all source code files for you according to your corporate code convention. Don't waste time by formatting code by hand!

*Fjeldstad, R. & Hamlen, W. (1983). "Application program maintenance-report to to our respondents". Tutorial on Software Maintenance, 13-27. Parikh, G. & Zvegintzov, N. (Eds.). IEEE Computer Soc. Press.

Reduce diffs and merging conflicts

Integrate Jindent into your version control system Use Jindent in combination with your version control systems.

If source files are always kept well-formatted during the complete development process your version control system's diff-tool can analyse differences more efficiently. Only real semantic diffs will be recognized and commited.

To achieve this Jindent offers two different alternatives:

  • Client-side: Jindent's IDE integrations catches events to support automatic formatting of source files after saving editor content. That way all files are kept in a well formatted state - Your version control system will now create a clean commit history and reduce unnecessary merging conflicts.
  • Server-side: Use Jindent in your version control system as a pre-commit trigger and automatically format all source files on commiting.

One unified code formatter for all IDEs

One unified source code formatter Most Integrated Development Environments already contain simple source code formatters. Their formatting results and skills can differ drastically from one IDE to another though.

Depending on project tasks or indiviual preferences, developers might want to switch their IDEs. If they are using the IDE's integrated source code formatter, they have to switch the formatter and, therefore the formatter styles as well. This can lead to inconsistent code formatting during sofware projects.

Jindent can easily be integrated into all IDEs. One formatting engine can be used in different IDEs to create an independent, unified formatting style for all source code files.

Fine-grained and easy configuration

Jindent contains hundreds of formatting settings Jindent offers several hundred formatting settings for each supported language.

All settings can be easily customized by a graphical frontend called Jindent Customizer.
Every modification can be previewed in real time; additionally the GUI offers full help-on-click support for all settings.

The Jindent Customizer is available as a standalone application or as a tight integration inside all Jindent IDE plugins.

Presenting your source code

Prepare your source code for presentations Use Jindent to format your source code for presentations, articles in magazines, publishing in the world wide web or in books.

If you are selling your source code to a customer, format your complete code base to meet the standards of your customer's code convention.

Stability - Reliability

Jindent is the leading commercial solution among all source code formatters Jindent is the leading commercial solution among all source code formatter tools and has proven its functionality and stability worldwide since 1997.

More than thousands of companies and organizations are utilizing Jindent to achieve better source code quality.

Our customers' domains include:

  • Software development, banking, stock market, logistics, insurance, automotive, aviation and semi-conductor, etc.
  • Public authorities, military and educational institutions