Jindent 4.0.12 released

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Java formatter:
  • Fixed annotation support for enum constants and package declarations.
  • Fixed multiple insertions of blank lines after headers if setting preserve blank lines is enabled.

Jindent Netbeans plugin:
Released new Jindent plugin for Netbeans 6.7:
  • Automatic installation through native installer.
  • Formatting menu item in editor's context menu.
  • Formatting menu item in file navigation's context menu.
  • Formatting of single files, directories, packages and whole projects.
  • Editor Undo for all formatting options.
  • Shows formatting progress bar.
  • Build in Jindent Customizer and preview for easy configuration of plugin.
  • Java Help support in plugin.
  • Show messages, warnings and errors in Netbeans console.
  • Click on messages and the according file opens up in editor window. Cursor is located on the source code line which is causing the message.

Jindent Eclipse plugin:
Added support for Eclipse 3.5.

IntelliJ IDEA plugin:
Added support for IntelliJ IDEA 8.1.