Jindent 3.0.0 released

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Changes/New Features:

  • Jindent 3.0 is now full compliant with the Java 1.2 grammar.
  • Improved unicode support.
  • Template definition for your own header and footer comments is available.
  • Completely new and enhanced comment handling.
  • Better control of comment alignment.
  • Template definition using system variables and self defined variables.
  • On demand comments may NOT be formatted.
  • Javadoc comments can be generated individually for private, protected, public or friendly methods, classes, interfaces and variables.
  • Existing Javadocs can be checked and be completed if necessary.
  • Improved output of warnings and messages.
  • Automatical recognition of DOS or UNIX sources.
  • Log file support is added.
  • New and more comfortable filter options for invoking Jindent from command line.
  • Generation of backup files is optional now, thus, files can be simply overwritten.
  • Jindent can copy automatically project resource files from the source directory structure to the new destination directories.
  • New and better tabulator handling.
  • Individual brace style for declarative and sequential code.
  • Special else-if treatment.
  • Improved switch-case and break handling.
  • Improved code separation support.
  • Special empty "for (;;)" compression possible.
  • Wrap long method name option is improved.
  • New possibility to always wrap extends, implements and throws to a new line.
  • Import declarations can be separated automatically by blanklines.
  • Improved keep blanklines option.