Jindent 5.0.2 released

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C Formatter:
  • Improved messages for C header parsing errors.

C++ Formatter:
  • Improved messages for C++ header parsing errors.

Jindent Customizer:
  • All sorting trees are disappeared, this bug is fixed now.

Jindent Eclipse Plugin:
  • Added support for Eclipse Photon and previous.
  • Jindent's Eclipse plugin crashed on new versions of Eclipse's IDEs while embedding Jindent's Swing preferences. This was caused by a bug in the AWT-SWT bridge, to finally fix this problem for all operating systems and IDE versions we decided to completely reimplement Jindent's Eclipse plugin in SWT/JFace. The new UI of the Jindent plugin works much faster now and is highly integrated into Eclipse's widgets without any flickering.

Jindent Netbeans Plugin:
  • Added support for Netbeans 8.2 and previous.

Jindent IntelliJ IDEA Plugin:
  • Added support for IntelliJ IDEA 2018 and previous.
  • When invoking Jindent plugin from latest IntelliJ IDEA version, the IDE reports the error: Model changes are allowed from write-safe contexts only. This is fixed.
  • Enabling Automatic format source files before saving editor content occasionally deleted new edited lines while formatting at save time.